Dry Porcelain Diamond Drill Wax Filled

Wax filled vacuum brazed dry porcelain drill bits.

The Hex shaft makes these perfect for use in a battery drill driver.

Can comfortably drill 20 or more holes in the hardest grade 5 porcelain.

Allow the drill and the rotation to cut the hole, don't lean on these bits like you would a masonry drill.

Never use the hammer action it will destroy the diamond tip. Use at around 500 - 1200rpm.

Available in 6mm, 7mm & 8mm single bits along with a reversible drill that has 6mm at one end and 8mm at the other.

We tested larger sizes but found the cores got stuck in the wax. If you need to drill larger holes dry, see our M14 Vacuum Brazed bits which are available up to 65mm diameter.


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6mm £13.20 VBW6
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7mm £13.20 VBW7
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8mm £13.20 VBW8
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6mm & 8mm twin ended reversible bit £20.63 VBW9
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6,7 & 8mm Set of three £39.60 VBWset
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