FLEX power tool speed grinder

Flex LE 14 7 125 INOX variable speed grinder

From: £75.90 +VAT

From: £75.90 +VAT
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  • Max. disc diameter 125 mm
  • Max. polishing pad diameter 160 mm
  • No load speed 2100-7500 rpm

From: £75.90 +VAT

From: £75.90 +VAT

Product Description

  • Power input 1400 watt
  • Power output 880 watt
  • Tool fixture M 14
  • Weight 2,4 kg

Standard equipment:

  • 1 guard 125 Ø 274.658
  • 1 SoftVib handle 316.857
  • 1 clamping flange
  • 1 FixTec quick-clamp nut M 14 313.459
  • 1400 watt INOXFLEX, specialist for stainless steels and steel alloys but equally at home in the stone masons factory, 125 mm


  • VR microprocessor control: speed selection, tachogenerator constant speed control, soft start, restart protection after power failure, overload protection and temperature monitoring
  • Highly efficient and resilient motor for more power output
  • Special gearbox: special gear ratio for high torque in medium and low speed range. Prevents blue discolouration and distortion due to the development of heat.
  • Completely cast electronic components prevents damage due to metal dust. The 3-fold winding protection reduces motor wear, increases service life
  • SoftVib handgrip with integrated, patented locknut wrench and vibration damping
  • Tool-free adjustment of safety guard
  • Spindle lock

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