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125mm Electroplated Diamond Marble Vanity Blade

From: £29.57 +VAT

From: £29.57 +VAT
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Pyramid design double sided electroplated diamond vanity blade available with or without M14 flange. Ideal for cutting marble or limestone. Often used for chamfering or side cutting granite and other hard stones.  

From: £29.57 +VAT

From: £29.57 +VAT

Product Description

Electroplated diamond vanity blade double sided with an M14 flange.

Due to customer demand we’ve recently introduced a coarse #45 grit version of this blade. If you’ve been buying these from us previously, it will have been the #80 grit blade we would have supplied.

Ideal for cutting and shaping softer sedimentary stone such as limestone and marble as well as being able to flush cut.

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