• This is a starter pack of tools designed with the kitchen fitter in mind who would like to undertake simple granite installations.
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  • Included in this kit are following items: 50mm Vacuum Brazed Diamond Holesaw M14, 50mm Vacuum Brazed Diamond Zero Tolerance Drum M14, 50mm Dry Diamond Polishing Drum Set 7 Piece M14. A more detailed explanantion of each tool and how they are used can be dowloaded by clicking the following link: Undermount Sink Fitting Kit PDF.
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  • Fitting Kits deigned specifically to cut, shape and polish Max Top quartz worktops.
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  • Vacuum brazed diamond router bits for cutting and installation of Bushboard and Max-Top Quartz. These are alternative style parts for the fitting kit currently available from Bushboard but rather than Electroplated diamond these are vacuum brazed. The effect is extended lifespan by approximately ten times. These tools have been predominantly tested on CNC machines and can be used as a straight replacement for the Bushboard electroplated tools on CNC equipment.
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  • Foam backed diamond hand polishing pads. Ideal for final finishing of all natural stone. Also good for taking the sharp edges off glass, ceramic and porcelain. The 50# through 400# pads are electroplated diamond The 800# through 3000# are resin bonded diamond. The set of 7 comprises one pad of each grit.  
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  • Polish or clean your worktop drainer grooves with these easy to use diamond hand pads.
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  • We've been working in conjunction with Bushboard to provide our 150mm or 160mm Turbo Fine diamond cutting blade ready to go to fit the following saws. Festool TS55 plunge saw Makita SP6000 plunge saw Dewalt DWS520 & Dewalt DCS520 Plus all branded plunge or rail saws that accept a 160mm blade with a 20mm centre bore.
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  • Diamond jigsaw blades with the standard Bosch "T" fitting for fitment in standard woodworking jigsaws.
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  • Included in this kit are the following items: 100mm #60 Vacuum Brazed Diamond Flute Wheel 12mm, 100mm Resin Diamond Flute Polishing wheels 6 piece set.
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