Granite Worktop Fitting Kit for Kitchen Fitters

From: £93.50 +VAT

From: £93.50 +VAT
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Included in this kit are the following items: 35mm Vacuum Brazed Dry Diamond Holesaw, M14 to Hex adapter, 150mm x 22.23/20mm Segmented Laser Welded Diamond Blade (to fit Festool TS55 or similar rail saw), 20mm x M14 Vacuum Brazed Diamond Finger bit, Hard Velcro Rubber Backer Pad for polishing pads M14 fitting, 100mm Super Premium Dry Diamond Polishing Pads 9 piece set.

From: £93.50 +VAT

From: £93.50 +VAT

Product Description

Optional Items available individually:

  • 75mm Vacuum Brazed Diamond Zero Tolerance Drum M14
  • FLEX L1503VR Variable Speed Polisher in ether 100v or 230v

For a more detailed description of each tool and what it does we’ve produced a quick reference guide that can be downloaded by clicking the following link:
Granite Worktop Fitting Kit PDF

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