Hand Polishing pads

Drainer Groove Diamond Hand Polishing pads

From: £13.55 +VAT

From: £13.55 +VAT
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Polish or clean your worktop drainer grooves with these easy to use diamond hand pads.

From: £13.55 +VAT

From: £13.55 +VAT

Product Description

A set of 6 diamond hand pads manufactured with curved edges to enable polishing of 12mm drainer grooves by hand.

Ideal for granite, marble or softer materials such as man made quartz engineered stone, Bushboard M Stone or Max-Top Quartz.

Can also be used as flat polishing pads as the abrasive surface runs all the way across the pad.

Available individually or as a set of 6 pieces.

Ideally for when it’s not practical to use the resin polishing wheels or for cleaning existing drainer grooves.

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