diamond polishing pads

5 Step Flexible White Quartz Diamond Polishing pads

From: £8.13 +VAT

From: £8.13 +VAT
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5 Step wet polishing pad system designed for granite, marble and lighter quartz or engineered stone.  

From: £8.13 +VAT

From: £8.13 +VAT

Product Description

These pads are very flexible with a “rubber” like resin consistency, combined with an off white resin colour makes these ideal for polishing lighter products particularly quartz and engineered stone that tends to mark with the traditional darker resin diamond pads.

100mm diameter and velcro backed.

Designed for professional use, the extreme flexibility limits the lifespan of these pads but they do produce a quality finish at an affordable price.

Wet Diamond Polishing Pads

Quartz polishing pads

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