restoration buffing diamond pads

ATS Restoration Buffing Diamond Pads

From: £12.20 +VAT

From: £12.20 +VAT
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ATS rigid sponge restoration, repolishing pads, velcro backed.

From: £12.20 +VAT

From: £12.20 +VAT

Product Description

Designed for bringing the shine back to previously polished products that have dulled with use.

Perfect for the cleaning,restoration and buffing of Marble, Granite, Terrazzo, Travertine and most natural stone.

Not suitable for use on manmade engineered stone or quartz.

As a rough guide each numbered pad is equivalent to the following diamond grits:






Available from stock in 100mm or 125mm, other sizes upto 430mm (17″) are available to order.

A user guide and detailed description of use is available for download, just click the following link:

ATS Restoration Pads PDF

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