Diamond Mitre Blade Distar Edge Dry

From: £40.00 +VAT

From: £40.00 +VAT
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Mitre blade for Porcelain. Available in 115mm and 125mm.

From: £40.00 +VAT

From: £40.00 +VAT

Product Description

Honeycomb faced blade ideal for producing mitres in all thicknesses of porcelain.

Available in 115mm & 125mm with a  22.23mm centre bore.

A wide 25 mm double-sided diamond layer reinforces the body and makes it rigid. A diamond-bearing bond with a honeycomb layer pattern makes your cutting soft and highly productive simultaneously.

The large plane creates a fulcrum effect, directing the blade in a straight line. Additionally, you can grind the edge of the tile end.

With a blade like this, the 45-degree angle mitre cutting is a pure pleasure!

Diamond Cutting Blade

Mitre Blade

Porcelain Blade

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