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Dry Floor Diamond Concrete Terrazzo Restoration Pads

From: £61.60 +VAT

From: £61.60 +VAT
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Our own brand of Dry floor restoration pads available in 430mm (17") and 510mm (20") these are an upscale version of our restoration pads listed further down the page.

From: £61.60 +VAT

From: £61.60 +VAT

Product Description

The diamond grit is bonded in dry specification resin and attached to the face of the woven disc.

These floor polishing pads are similar to the HTC FENIX pad and are designed to be used dry (if used wet the lifespan is substantially reduced). If wet use is required we suggest trying our burnishing pads.

A range of grits are available from very coarse 100# all the way up to 5000# for a fine polish.

What are they designed for?

In a word, restoration (although these are particularly good for polishing concrete). To revive previously polished floors.

These diamond polishing pads have been tested on the following products:

  • Granite
  • Terrazzo
  • Polished Concrete

Our tests have shown that used on Terrazzo they are providing around 300m2 of useful lifespan per pad when used on an average swing machine of circa 50kg in weight at around 200rpm.

What won’t they do?

They won’t deal with lippage, despite the fact we offer these in a quite coarse 100 grit, they aren’t miracle pads and are not a replacement for proper grinding equipment for dealing with different heights.

Catching lippage will tear or even rip the pad off the machine.

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