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125mm Diamond Grinder/Planer


Product Description

  • EBS1802 5″ powerful hand-held grinder
  • Fitted with low vibration handle
  • Removable front guard for edging
  • For grinding concrete & hard coatings

The EBS1802 is a powerful 1650w 5″ diamond grinder, supplied with a segmented diamond disc. The new generation of diamond discs are excellent for prepping a wide range of difficult to remove materials including thick and elastomeric coatings, cement adhesive, bitumens and hardened epoxies

It is produced with a reduced vibration H-handle for easy and smooth working on hard floors. The diamond grinder has a dustex guard and the front is removable for edging

The grinder-planer will level floors, slabs and walls, stone, curbs, stairs and pillars; face off shuttered concrete lines and pour spills; remove hardened epoxies and stone paints; smooth out trowel marks from screed and latex; cut back carpet adhesive and tile cement residues; skim off traffic markings and thermoplastics

A range of specialist application diamond discs are available in our Grinding Section.

  • Power Rating 1650w
  • Rated Speed 10000rpm
  • Disc size 125m


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