FLEX Eibenstock Bullnose Production Bundle

From: £275.00 +VAT

From: £275.00 +VAT
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From: £275.00 +VAT

From: £275.00 +VAT

Product Description

We have been informed by the UK importer of Eibenstock tools that the next production run for the EPN1800P will hopefully be summer 2022.  We do still hold the profiling tools in stock.

The all in one package bundle for producing and polishing bullnoses on a variety of hard and abrasive materials including 20mm porcelain, granite, sandstone and concrete.

Aimed at the professional landscaper that needs the flexibility to be able to manufacture his own step treads, coping stones and decorative edge finishes on site. No more having to mark up and transport the slabs to a third party and wait for them to be produced and delivered back to you. The package pays for itself on the first job in time and production costs saved.

What you get:-


Bullnosing kit includes (£742.50 + vat)

Eibenstock EPN1800P, 1800w, water fed, heavy duty grinder polisher 110v

V20 Sintered Bullnosing tool – designed to cut a fullbullnose on well calibrated 20mm thick material

B10 Sintered Half Bullnosing tool – Is half the V20 enabling you to put a 10mm radius on the top only or to create a full bullnose on material that has thickness varience such as Indian Sandstone.

This bundle price attracts a saving over buying the items individually.


Polishing kit includes (275.00 + vat)

FLEX L1503VR variable speed (1200-3700 rpm) available in 110v or 230v

5x 100mm Superdry polishing pads 2×50 grit, 2x 100 grit and 1x 200 grit. These pads will remove cutting marks and bring a poreclain or granite up to a smooth honed finish. If you require a polished finish we have higher grits available as required.

100mm Aluminium Backer M14

This bundle price attracts a saving over buying the items individually.


Buy both kits together (£1,001.00 + vat) and save on the individual kit prices. If you’re buying both kits we’ll assume you require 110v in both machines. If you’d prefer the 230v polisher just include a note with your order on line or call us if you prefer.