Porcelain & Quartz Thin Turbo Flange Diamond Blade

From: £12.65 +VAT

From: £12.65 +VAT
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Turbo flange diamond blade specifically for cutting porcelain tiles, very hard ceramic tiles or quarry tiles. Also cuts man made quartz and engineered stone very nicely.

From: £12.65 +VAT

From: £12.65 +VAT

Product Description

For use in a static water fed cutting machine or on an angle grinder for the smaller blade sizes, this blade really does perform as well as some expensive branded products.

Due to the demand for the 200mm blades to fit a variety of machines these are now being produced without the centre reinforcement flange. This has increased the thickness of blade slightly.

The larger blade sizes have a 30mm bore with reducing rings available to fit 25.4mm and 22.23mm, make sure you select the correct bore size to fit your machine.

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