diamond polishing pads

Premium Wet Diamond Polishing Pads

From: £4.54 +VAT

From: £4.54 +VAT
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Available in the following sizes : 100mm (4") 125mm (5") 150mm (6") 178mm (7") Designed for use with a polishing machine or variable speed angle grinder in combination with a velcro backer pad.

From: £4.54 +VAT

From: £4.54 +VAT

Product Description

Recommended for use at speeds under 4500rpm.

For use on Granite, Marble, Concrete and most natural stone.

Aimed at the professional user these diamond polishing pads have a higher diamond content than economy pads, simply put, they will last longer and provide better value for money for the medium to heavy user.

The 9 pad set is made up of 2×50, 2×100, 200, 400, 800, 1500, 3000 grit pads. We doubled up the two coarse pads that are generally used more often and tend to wear out faster than the higher numbered grits.

Diamond Polishing Pads

Concrete Polishing Pads

Granite Polishing Pads

Stone Polishing Pads

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