Super Premium Dry Diamond Polishing Pads

From: £10.45 +VAT

From: £10.45 +VAT
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Aimed squarely at the professional user, these dry pads have a very high quality and quantity of diamond content. Not only do they polish to an exceptional degree they also offer a long lifespan.

From: £10.45 +VAT

From: £10.45 +VAT

Product Description

Available in the following sizes:

  • 100 mm (4″)
  • 125 mm (5″)
  • 150 mm (6″)
  • 178 mm (7″)

Our Super Dry’s represent excellent value for money for the pro polisher.

These diamond polishing pads are quite hard, which is what gives them their lifespan. They will need to be “dressed” on a hard product like black granite to bed the pads in on initial use. Designed for use at speeds up to 4500 rpm. Ideally in the 2000-4000 rpm range.

The 11 pad set is made up of the following pads :

  • 2 x 50
  • 2 x 100
  • 200, 400
  • 800
  • 1500
  • 3000
  • White Buff
  • Black Buff.

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