Thin Wall Glass & Hard Porcelain Drill Bits

From: £12.32 +VAT

From: £12.32 +VAT
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Thin wall diamond sintered drill bits ideal for glass and very hard porcelain.

From: £12.32 +VAT

From: £12.32 +VAT

Product Description

Thin wall diamond sintered drill bits designed for drilling glass.

These bits are also ideal for drilling super hard problem porcelain for fixings when all usual solutions are struggling.

They have a straight shank and are designed to be used with a water fed chuck but they can be used in a regular three jaw drill chuck with your own water feed. Whilst these will drill dry, extended use dry will substantially reduce their lifespan.

The “Starter Set” comprises of one of each drill bit, 6mm, 7mm & 8mm and the water feed chuck and attracts a discount over purchasing the bits separately.

These bits can be used quite happily without the water feed chuck, however if you’re drilling hundreds of holes or using these specifically for glass then the chuck is going to speed things up and extend the life of the bits considerably.

We also now stock these in a slightly larger sizes at 10mm, 12mm & 14mm.

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