diamond copper concrete polishing tool

Typhoon Diamond Copper Concrete Dry Polishing Puck

From: £18.48 +VAT

From: £18.48 +VAT
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Copper Bonded Diamond Polishing Pucks for concrete. Available in 75mm or 100m diameters, hook & loop backed.

From: £18.48 +VAT

From: £18.48 +VAT

Product Description

Professional 10mm thick diamond copper polishing pucks designed specifically for polishing concrete dry. Can be used wet with reduced lifespan.

Available in 75mm or 100mm diameter hook and loop backed.

This copper version of the Typhoon pad is ideal if you have a very hard concrete, an uneven surface or you’re looking to cut the surface back slightly.

If you have an already flat concrete that need refinishing or a new pour that’s been power floated and is pretty smooth our standard Resin Typhoon pads may be more appropriate.

Klindex, Husqvarna, Blastrac, Skanmaskin, HTC, Terrco, Werkmaster, Lavina & Prepmaster with the appropriate hook & loop backer for your machine.