Aluminium backed electroplated diamond flap discs

From: £39.20 +VAT

From: £39.20 +VAT
SKU: Per Variation
Electroplated diamond flap discs 115mm and 125mm can be used on a regular angle grinder or polishing machine.

From: £39.20 +VAT

From: £39.20 +VAT

Product Description

Aluminium backed electroplated diamond flap discs.

Available in two sizes and fittings:-

115mm x 22.23mm to fit a regular angle grinder and clamp on just like a normal blade

125mm x M14 to fit any machine with an M14 thread

We stock 5 levels of grit in this product, the lower ones ideal for controlled grinding as well as mitring porcelain tiles, the higher grits providing a finer finish to an almost polished level.

Suitable for use wet or dry on a wide variety of materials including poreclain, ceramic, granite marble and even glass.

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