copper bonded diamond polishing pads

Copper Bonded Diamond Polishing Pads

From: £10.16 +VAT

From: £10.16 +VAT
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Available in 100mm (4") or 125mm (5").

From: £10.16 +VAT

From: £10.16 +VAT

Product Description

Aggressive copper bonded grinding/polishing discs. Use wet or dry, however the lifespan of these pads is reduced with sustained dry use. Equally at home straightening up granite worktops or polishing a concrete floor.

Sometimes called “Hybrid pads” as these are half way between grinding and polishing. Perfect diamond polishing pads for concrete worktops.

The 30# is ideal for smoothing off the underside of the overhang on a granite worktop or exposing aggregate on cast concrete.

The set of 5 pads comprises one of each grit, 30,50,100, 200 and 400.

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