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Cut 'n' Grind Vacuum Brazed Diamond wheel

From: £40.66 +VAT

From: £40.66 +VAT
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Vacuum brazed diamond cut & grind flush cut blade.  

From: £40.66 +VAT

From: £40.66 +VAT

Product Description

For when an electroplated diamond blade just isn’t man enough in abrasive materials like concrete and sandstone then this is your solution

#30/40 coarse grit and M14 thread fitting.

Ideal for grinding, shaping flush cutting pretty much any stone, concrete or hard material. A great problem solver.

Available in 100mm, 115mm & 125mm can be used on a grinder or variable speed polisher at slower speed to gain more control.

Diamond Grinding

Vacuum Brazed

Grinding Sandstone

Concrete Grinding

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