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diamond core bit drilling granite

Diamond Core Drills Dual Fitting Gas M14

From: £31.70 +VAT

From: £31.70 +VAT
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Segmented Diamond Core drill for Granite and other hard materials designed to be used wet. Dry use is possible but it will shorten their lifespan.

From: £31.70 +VAT

From: £31.70 +VAT

Product Description

Fitted with a 1/2 Inch Gas Male thread and M14 Female thread making it a versatile fitment.

70mm Maximum depth of cut when new, 10mm segment height.

Ideal for use on a CNC machine or a water fed polisher/grinder.

Use at 2500 rpm.

Great in hard material such as granite, concrete or sandstone.

Stone Drill

Concrete Drill

Diamond Holesaw



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