Electroplated Diamond Holesaw Drills

From: £0.96 +VAT

From: £0.96 +VAT
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Diamond Dust Holesaws are suitable for drilling ceramic , glass, marble, slate and porcelain tiles up to and including grade 5 hardness.

From: £0.96 +VAT

From: £0.96 +VAT

Product Description

Designed for use with conventional power drills on a slow speed setting with no hammer action and a constant supply of water.

A real low cost solution for drilling porcelain tiles, these diamond holesaws must be provided with a constant supply of water to stop the tip overheating and breaking down the bond holding the diamonds onto the steel shaft.

We find a wet sponge held against the drill bit works really well.

Porcelain Drill

Stone Drill

Diamond Drill Bits

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