PCD Cup Wheels Surface Coatings Removal

From: £88.70 +VAT

From: £88.70 +VAT
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PCD cup wheels for surface coating removal and preparation.

From: £88.70 +VAT

From: £88.70 +VAT

Product Description

PCD (polycrystalline diamond) cup wheels are designed for the easy removal of a variety of surface coatings including:-

Adhesives & glues, bitumen, paint and thin resin surface coatings.

Available in 3 sizes –

115mm x 22.23mm – 5 segment

125mm x 22.23mm – 6 segment

180mm x 22.23mm – 9 segment

The design of these cups means they don’t clog like a regular sintered cup wheel when preparing and cleaning a surface for it’s new coating.

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