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Super Premium Segmented Laser Welded Blade

From: £16.93 +VAT

From: £16.93 +VAT
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Laser welded segmented diamond cutting blade. Our own product designed for abrasive and cutting hard dense stone such as Sandstone, granite, harder marbles, engineered stone and reinforced concrete.

From: £16.93 +VAT

From: £16.93 +VAT

Product Description

An ideal multi purpose blade for masons or landscapers to fit angle grinders or petrol saws.

10mm deep segment for improved lifespan.

Available in 115mm, 125mm, 150mm, 180mm & 230mm from stock all with 22.23mm centre bores.

Sizes 300mm and 350mm have 25.4mm or 20mm centre bores and are ideal as a high performance blade for petrol saws or rail saws/brick chop saws.

The 150mm x 22.23mm blade comes pre fitted with a 20mm reducing ring so it can be used in carpentry plunge saws.

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