bullnose profiling stone and granite tool
bullnose profiling stone and granite tool

TruForm Full Bullnose Profiling Tool M14

From: £108.25 +VAT

From: £108.25 +VAT
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Vacuum brazed diamond profiling router tool designed for variable speed hand held grinders and polishing machines with M14 thread fitment, ideal for marble, quartz, limestone and softer granites.

From: £108.25 +VAT

From: £108.25 +VAT

Product Description

Turn your variable speed grinder/polisher into a router.

The top guide in stainless steel allows you to work keeping the wheel perfectly aligned with the slab. The centre bearing guarantees a consistent and even shape.

For smooth operation both bearings work independently. The highest quality diamonds are used to ensure optimum results and a long lifespan.

Used wet, we’d expect 100 linear meters of cut on marble before replacement is required.

Must be used under 4500rpm, with a ideal speed of circa 2000rpm material dependent.

A number of radius sizes available. The gallery image shows the different size and shape tools relative to a 20mm thick piece of material.

Do please note that for a full bullnose tool to be effective the stone on which it’s being used must be well calibrated. If the stone is over sized even by the smallest amount it can lead to a very short lifespan of the profiling tool. If you have a product of variable thickness we advise using a half bullnose tool to shape the top and bottom individually.

If you’re looking for a tool with which to shape 20mm thick porcelain tiles or sandstone paving, our sintered profiling tool is more appropriate and much longer lasting.

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