Full Bullnose Sintered Diamond Profiling Tools M14

From: £205.70 +VAT

From: £205.70 +VAT
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These are a heavy duty version of our profiling tools with sintered diamond cutting heads as opposed to vacuum brazed.

From: £205.70 +VAT

From: £205.70 +VAT

Product Description

They are designed for rapid and effective stock removal for heavy users before using a vacuum brazed profiler to refine the shape.

Particularly useful for abrasive landscaping products such as sandstone, portland stone etc as well as concrete.

“B” profiles are half bullnose.

“V” profiles are full bullnose.

The number after each profile denote’s it’s size, therefore B10 = 10mm half bullnose, V20 = 20mm full bullnose.

The gallery image shows the different size and shape tools relative to a 20mm thick piece of material.

If you have specialist requirements for a particular profiler, just ask and we can arrange to manufacture it for you.

These need to be run at under 2500 rpm on a polisher/grinder.

Do please note that for a full bullnose tool to be effective the stone on which it’s being used must be well calibrated. If the stone is over sized even by the smallest amount it can lead to a very short lifespan of the profiling tool. If you have a product of variable thickness we advise using a half bullnose tool to shape the top and bottom individually.

The most appropriate power tool for this profiler is the FLEX LW802VR – you can see further down this page.

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