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Tilers Vacuum Brazed Dry Diamond Drill M14

From: £9.90 +VAT

From: £9.90 +VAT
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From: £9.90 +VAT

From: £9.90 +VAT

Product Description

M14 fitment for direct connection to 115mm or 125mm angle grinders. Designed to operate dry at speeds in excess of 10,000rpm.

Suitable for cutting any hard material including Ceramic, Porcelain, Marble, Granite, Engineered stone, Concrete or Brick. In fact these diamond bits will drill pretty much anything you can throw at them, however their lifespan in very dense materials such as porcelain or granite can be reduced.

These bits are a shorter version of our red VB Holesaw aimed more towards tilers who are generally drilling material that is 20mm thick or less.


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