Concrete Worktop Polishing Diamond Disc

Concrete Worktop Wet Polishing Diamond Disc Kit

From: £77.25 +VAT

From: £77.25 +VAT
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This is a starter kit designed for polishing concrete or concrete worktops to a high shine. We're asked for this combination of product so often it made sense to put together a ready made kit to save you trawling through the site picking the individual components.

From: £77.25 +VAT

From: £77.25 +VAT

Product Description

The following set is available in 100mm or 125mm diameters and includes one of each of the following products:

  • 30# Copper Diamond Disc – Ideal for smoothing trowelled concrete, removing laitance or for exposing aggregate by removing up to 1mm to 2mm from the surface of your concrete
  • 50# Copper Diamond Disc – For smoothing out the concrete and removing the scratch pattern left by the 30# disc
  • 100# Copper Diamond Disc – For smoothing out the concrete and removing the scratch pattern left by the 50# disc
  • 200# Copper Diamond Disc – This grit disc will leave a “honed” surface, flat, smooth to the touch but not glossy. Often described as an “industrial look”

At this stage, any densifiers or chemical sealers/impregnators should be applied to the concrete. Also if there are any holes that require filling then now’s the time to apply the slurry mix. (Sorry we don’t sell the chemicals)

  • 400# Copper Diamond Disc – This is the first stage of polishing, and you should start to see a satin finish appear on the surface
  • 800# Premium Wet Diamond Disc – You should now be seeing a polish and clear light reflections in the surface of the concrete
  • 1500# Premium Wet Diamond Disc – Depending on the density of your concrete mix, this may be as much shine as you can achieve and it should be quite reflective
  • 3000# Premium Wet Diamond Disc – For very dense concrete mixes or for those looking for that “Granite like” shine
  • Hard Velcro Rubber Backer Pad – Accepts all the discs listed above and has an M14 thread fitting for direct connection to most European and UK polishing machines. Flexible and semi rigid backers are available if you have internal curves to polish such as undermount sinks – just ask

All these products are designed to be used wet, the water acts as a coolant to stop the discs overheating (and burning out) and also helps remove the waste product as it’s cut from the top of the concrete.

The ideal working speed for the discs is circa 2000 – 4000rpm. If you need a polishing machine or need advice about polishing machines feel free to call on the number at the top of the page.

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